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Frequently asked questions

Your Yumm delivery comes with all the raw ingredients you need to cook delicious meals for the week, in exactly the right portions. Each recipe is designed to be a well-balanced, healthy meal that includes protein, veggies and carbs. In addition, each delivery comes with beautifully printed recipe cards and step-by-step instructions.
Our meals are designed to stay fresh for up to a week following the delivery of your box. The Meats and Poultry in your delivery are all marked with a 'best before' date on the packaging. You may need to freeze them if you don't plan on cooking them within that timeframe. Fish and Seafood products should be cooked within the first 3 days following your delivery.
We take great care to ensure that all of our food is prepared safely; however, all of our baskets are assembled in the same processing facility. As a result, we do not recommend you order Yumm basket if you have a serious food allergy.
There is no minimum subscription length, and you can cancel at any time before your weekly cutoff.
Of course! If you're going on vacation or don't want a delivery for any reason, you can skip a week free of charge anytime you'd like.
You can cancel your subscription online, in the member area - change plan or by email [email protected]
According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, there are no reported cases or evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19. Having said that, we have worked closely with the Canadian Health and Safety Authorities to implement the highest safety standards in our facilities to keep our employees and members safe during this time.
We ensure best practices in the end to end delivery of your box by introducing a contactless drop-off. It is advised that once you have your box, as a precautionary measure, wipe off the surface with a disinfectant wipe. For perishables, simply put the items directly in your refrigerator (not on your tables and counters), and then thoroughly wash your hands. Remove outer packaging and throw it directly in the trash before placing items in your refrigerator. Wipe any surfaces that have been touched by grocery bags or packaging. As usual, we always recommend washing the vegetables and fruits before consumption.
We've successfully secured additional masks, eyewear protection, and safety barriers for the essential service employees in our facilities. Additionally, we have hired nurses and a security team to ensure the best possible health screening for our employees and to reinforce social distancing measures inside and outside of our facilities for the health and safety of our teams and our members. In the event that an employee exhibits symptoms, they are advised to self-isolate as per Health Canada guidelines.